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Your Source For Helping Aging Parents

Helping adult children guide their parents from where they are to where they need to be – a roadmap to assisted living and beyond.

I created this site to help the children of aging parents understand and implement the tough decisions they must make when their parents can no longer live independently. I learned what I know from first-hand experience. Especially through the difficulties and challenges of Covid-19.

My parents, in their ’80s at the time, lived alone in the Rio Grande Valley. I managed the care they needed long distance from Austin, five hours away, visiting frequently – usually twice a month – to keep close eyes on them.

This worked imperfectly, but tolerably, until my mother, the primary caretaker for my father, fell ill and needed nursing home care. My father agreed to move to the nursing home with her so they could be together, but both insisted that they could continue to live on their own. So when my mother recovered, they moved back to their independent living situation.

Age and the onset of dementia continued to take their toll, however, and my mother soon needed help with daily activities. I found an assisted living facility nearby that could meet her needs, but my father insisted on remaining at home. It took time and a lot of persuading, but he eventually moved to the assisted living community as well. The next step: I moved them both to an assisted living community in Austin, much closer to me.

This is a short version of a much longer story. The details will differ, but anyone with aging parents will eventually follow the same path, confront the same decisions, and struggle with the same questions:

What do I do if my parents insist on living independently, when it is clear they can’t continue to do so?
How and when do I intervene?
How can I find and evaluate assisted living facilities?
How can my parents pay for the care they need?
My parents need my help, but I have a family and a job. How do I do everything for everyone without being overwhelmed by the effort?

I can help you answer these questions.

It is difficult and painful for aging parents to accept that they can no longer live independently; it is equally difficult and painful for their children to persuade them that they have no choice. I created this business to make this process less difficult, less painful and less stressful for everyone involved.

Thank you Margo for coaching me through many of the difficult decisions associated with taking the big step to have my Dad move to Assisted Living. You helped me put the logic back into an extremely emotional situation. You’re the best!


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