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You Are Not Alone

I’ve been where you are and I know how to navigate this path

My Services

Where do we as family members begin, if we think mom or dad need more?
Initial telephone inquiry consult 15 minutes No charge.
Prices will vary depending on your specific needs and time required.
We can meet in person, via FaceTime or Skype or by telephone.

What I can help you navigate:

How to talk to your parents the first time.

» When is it right
» How to work with siblings
» What is the cost

Activities of daily living (ADLs)… what does that mean?

» How to decide what kind of care is needed
» Independent living
» Assisted living
» Nursing Home
» In Home Care

Insurance and Costs

» What services are available for my Veteran parent
» Does Medicare pay for anything
» How does insurance vary depending where we go
» Programs to help with prescriptions, legal aid, transportation


» What if I live out of State
» What if siblings are all over the country
» How do we decide which facility is best

Moving Time

» Support family and parents with transition
» Facilitate the actual move
» Manage details from paperwork with facility to details of personal items needed

I would have given anything for this kind of advice and support when I was dealing with aging, ailing parents several years ago. Anyone going through that complicated, painful process today should have Margo on speed dial.


Margo is very caring and has first hand experience!!


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