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I moved my parents into a Nursing Home in RGV, after my mother fell ill. My father joined her so they could be together. Once she recovered, I moved them back to their RGV independent living situation. Next, aging required my mother to again need help- not a nursing home, but for activities of daily living: help provided by the assisted living environment. My dad did not want to go. He stayed home; she moved. Later, dad eventually, with persuasion, joined my mother in the Assisted Living facility (separate rooms). You as a family will have many choices and they will change and ebb and flow within days sometimes. Lastly, I moved them both to Austin to be closer to me, into a very similar Assisted Living situation.

That’s the short story, but you get the gist. I can help you navigate through these rough waters, having experienced the parent who does not want to change their life, having a parent with onset dementia, and having a parent with medical issues, not bad enough for a nursing home requirement, but not manageable enough to stay independent. I understand how insurance and private pay work; cost being a huge issue for most of you. I do not just teach, I have been there. I can help you.